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Logan River Academy is a residential treatment facility in Utah, a state where there is comparable lack of oversight and relevant legislation to safe guard vulnerable students in residential programs (1.) We believe in the merit of scientifically tested and accepted residential treatment programs, but do not believe the program at LRA is either. LRA's residential program is not properly accredited (2,) they belong to NATSAP, a non-accrediting voluntary membership organization which gives the appearance of accreditation/licensure, but that does not enforce any professional and/or ethical standards on its member programs (3.)

Our own research into these programs has turned up very scary things. The policies in place at Logan River Academy, detailed below, are not only cruel, they are ineffective and, in our opinion, fraudulent. Their harsh discipline policies have the end effect of cheaply warehousing kids while they accept $7,500 - $8,900 per child per month from naive parents and courts. We understand they pay many of their staff, who have direct supervision of special needs kids, close to minimum wage.

Although there were meetings on Capitol Hill, and The House of Representatives even passed a bill (4,) clearly stating the problem, it remains (5):

The Government Accountability Office has done a report as well:

Many students in this program spend most of their days sitting straight forward, not allowed to move, look at another student, or make any noise; think detention but much longer and more strict. The program calls it “DEVO” (6) and they hand it out for any and all infractions; for example, one student was punished with a significant amount (hours) of “DEVO” time for returning to his room with a moist towelette from the dining area to clean his glasses, thinking it was permitted. They called it contraband and gave him excessive “DEVO,” time. This is just one example. We have first hand accounts of students receiving up to 2000 “DEVO,” hours for a single infraction and students spending over 100 consecutive days in “DEVO.”

“DEVO,” is short for “development.” A true and tragic irony given the consequences of its imposition on children.

There is another level of “DEVO,” that is much worse. It is called “Precaution.” Some students report allegations of being stripped naked for it. I fear that it is so they cannot strangle themselves with their clothing (7) (8.) If true this strategy may also mean they are improperly attempting to care for suicide risks without the proper facilities and personnel. Other students report spending every waking moment in “DEVO,” on “Precaution,” completely isolated from peers for up to 30 days on end (8.) During this time they don't attend class, they don't develop socially, they are forced to sit still and quiet. According to the American Academy of Chlid & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) (9.:)

“The potential psychiatric consequences of prolonged solitary confinement are well recognized and include depression, anxiety and psychosis. Due to their developmental vulnerability, juvenile offenders are at particular risk of such adverse reactions. Furthermore, the majority of suicides in juvenile correctional facilities occur when the individual is isolated or in solitary confinement.

Solitary confinement should be distinguished from brief interventions such as "time out," which may be used as a component of a behavioral treatment program in facilities serving children and/or adolescents, or seclusion, which is a short term emergency procedure, the use of which is governed by federal, state and local laws and subject to regulations developed by the Joint Commission, CARF and supported by the National Commission of Correctional Healthcare (NCHHC), the American Correctional Association (ACA) and other accrediting entities.

The Joint Commission states that seclusion should only be used for the least amount of time possible for the immediate physical protection of an individual, in situations where less restrictive interventions have proven ineffective. The Joint Commission specifically prohibits the use of seclusion "as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience or staff retaliation." A lack of resources should never be a rationale for solitary confinement.”

I am unable to find any scientific literature regarding the benefits and success rate of “DEVO.” In fact, I am unable to find any scientific literature or studies about it at all (10.) In my opinion, it is pseudoscience at best and torture at worst. We know that one student who was just removed from the program had been placed in solitary confinement at least twice.

The National Institutes of Health have established guidelines for effective child discipline (11.) They are:
“To be effective, discipline needs to be:
    given by an adult with an affective bond to the child;
    consistent, close to the behaviour needing change;
    perceived as ‘fair’ by the child;
    developmentally and temperamentally appropriate; and
    self-enhancing, ie, ultimately leading to self-discipline.”

Also according to AACAP (12:)

“Be sure that the residential program has a method of maintaining safe behaviors, promoting positive behaviors, and preventing aggression. Make sure that punishments and verbal intimidations are prohibited.”

Hours and hours of timeout lasting long after an infraction, doled out by complete strangers who are often perceived as sadistic fails to meet a single one of these standards. Further, the Child Welfare League of America says of timeout (13,) “Sometimes children need time to calm down and collect themselves. (Adults do to!) Used sparingly, with consistency and repetition, it must be viewed as teaching the child, not punishing.”

Certainly hours and hours of what I'll call “enhanced” detention is not “sparingly,” and must be considered “punishing."

The United States Surgeon General has also weighed in on the matter (14:)

“In behavioral token programs, youths are rewarded for conforming to rules, exhibiting prosocial behavior, and not exhibiting antisocial or violent behavior. Like some other residential approaches, behavioral token programs can have positive effects on targeted behaviors while youths are institutionalized. However, when this strategy is used alone, any such effects disappear when youths leave the program.”

In addition to this, no truly independent entity is able to monitor the students' progress and wellbeing, or more importantly the lack thereof. You see, while the students are made to suffer for minor infractions, the administration of the facility do not hold themselves accountable for their own poor and dangerous results. As noted in their state accreditation report they have a very high staff turnover rate and do not provide student performance data or curriculum maps (15.)

Please tell the parents of the children at LRA that they have made the wrong choice for their children and to remove them from the program before any more emotional damage is inflicted on them. Please tell the Los Angeles Unifed School District (and all other public districts) to immediately remove any students from Logan River Academy and to cease sending students there. Please tell Logan River Academy to stop using their “DEVO” techniques, that they are dangerous, unnecessary and counterproductive to nurturing intact adults. In many cases the families of these kids have been tricked by, in my opinion, snake oil salesman to sending/keeping their children to/in these programs against their will. These kids, and please remember: they are kids - are innocent despite their behavioral problems, and have been left with no other advocates.


Logan River Academy
Larry Carter, Owner - Logan River Academy
Lori Connin, Owner - Logan River Academy
Mark Petersen, Owner - Logan River Academy
Mont Criddle, LMFT, Residential Director - Logan River Academy
Shannon Kegerries, CMHC - Logan River Academy
Maureen McDonald, Clinical Services & Academic Coordinator - Logan River Academy
Mike Bodrero, Adventure Learning Coordinator - Logan River Academy
Heather Capson, Admissions - Logan River Academy
Kirk Farmer, Director of Academics - Logan River Academy
Liz Severe, Registered Nurse - Logan River Academy
Jeff Smith, Owner - Logan River Academy
Omid Gohari,
Kat Eden - (650) 366-3380 Ext. 2218, Director, Marketing Communications -
Ray Renati, Logan River Academy Parent - 650-245-9026
Debra Duardo - 213-241-3840, Executive Director - Student Health & Human Services, LA Unified School District
Sharyn Howell - 213-241-6701, Executive Director - Special Education, LA Unified School District
Terri Barach, Therapist Intern - Outreach Children - 800-492-2731 or 714-547-1163
Dan Barach
Annette Bohling, J.D. Chief Accreditation Officer - AdvancED

To Terri & Dan Barach,
Apologize publicly to your son, an innocent child, whom you confined against his will in a cruel manner for nearly a year with neither due process nor a real medical need. Start doing someting about Logan River.

Logan River Academy,
Stop using your "development"/"Precaution"/isolation techniques, they are dangerous, unnecessary and counterproductive to nurturing intact adults.

Annette Bohling & AdvancED,
Perform a fully independant investigation of Logan River Academy and their policies, requiring them abide by NIH, FTC, Surgeon General, and AACAP guidelines to maintain accredidation - so they don't harm their clients.

Debra Duardo, Sharyn Howell & LA USD,
Immediately remove all LA USD students from Logan River Academy and cease sending students there on IEPs.

Ray Renati,
Pull your child from Logan River Academy now.

Omid Gohari & Kat Eden,
Delist Logan River Academy as,,,,, and others already have.

[Your name]

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Logan River Academy - Bad School - Be Warned! 1 out of 1 - 5 based on 44 reviews.

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Logan River Academy Parents/Adults:

    1.0 stars from 44 reviews
    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "My brother is at this institution and has told me about the abuse that goes on and how he has been injected many times."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "We actually chose to send our son to Logan River Academy, after paying an experienced Educational Consultant who highly recommended it... The decision was the worst we have ever made, as our intention was to HELP our son, NOT punish him. We very quickly learned that the living environment at LRA was negative and hateful. There were only a couple of staff members who seemed to care at all (one has since left); but the rest--especially the dorm staff--used their size (frustrated ex-athletes) and authority to intimidate and emotionally torture the boys who actually NEEDED understanding and emotional support more than anything else. --Plus, for a place that calls itself a "residential treatment center", there was very little actual therapy or 'treatment' at all. We pulled our son after only 5 months, the last 3 of which were spent primarily in "devo" (solitary). Unbelievably, when he/we told them he was leaving at the end of the month, they put him directly into "devo" because of what they labeled as "discharge attitude"! --Thankfully, he is now thriving at home, attending a small high school that treats students with respect and dignity--something Logan River Academy knows little about. --But he bears permanent emotional scars that I/we will not forgive LRA for."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "My best friend was imprisoned in this facility for two years over a decade ago. Due to the 'care' received he is still haunted by the memories and plagued with an anxiety disorder. How this has been allowed to continue is a failure on many parts and needs to be remedied."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "My son was sent to that facility by Los Angeles Superior Court order. He told me he witnessed terrible things happening at Logan [River] Academy."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "My cousin's son is there. He is not getting the care and help he truly needs."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "Abuses to friend' son at this facility. Solitary confinement is cruel torture!"

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I know someone close to me who experienced the terrible abuse at this institution."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I know a guy that went here and this is terrible."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "A friend of mine tells of the horrible abuse she suffered here. PLEASE PLEASE sign and repost!"


    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I am a mother and a child psychiatrist. These practices are cruel and must be brought to light. There is no place for them in any institution."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "Because Utah is a haven for greedy men who set up these prisons for adolescents where they are allowed to be abused mentally and physically and it's called therapy. NOTHING ABOUT WHAT GOES ON AT LOGAN RIVER AS DESCRIBED BY THE YOUNG MAN ON THE VIDEO IS THERAPEUTIC! These 'therapists' need to be investigated by DOPL and these schools, institutions, etc. need to be investigated often and randomly by the state to be sure that no abuses are occurring. Including abuses of power, which is what these people are doing. Every person involved in tormenting, torturing, physically assaulting or in all other ways subjecting these kids to emotional and physical abuse needs to be charged with those crimes. They also need to be reported to and excommunicated from the LDS church. These adults and students are the complete opposite of what someone who allegedly follows Christ. They are sadistic and obviously have huge anger issues of their own. Places like this need to be shut down now! Has this place been reported to the state for abuse? No parent has the right to pay people to abuse their child. I'm a therapist and have been for 32 years. What this young man is describing is like a POW camp and is as traumatic as one."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "'The measure of a society is found in how they treat their weakest and most helpless citizens.'
      -Jimmy Carter

      As a Psychiatric RN and member of this society, I firmly believe that Logan River Academy must not only be shut down, but must also be held accountable for the human rights abuses of the vulnerable youth who have suffered in its facility.

      My heartfelt wishes for the healing and recovery of its survivors."

      Jenny Powers, RN, BSN, BA-Psychology

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "This is important to me because I worked in human services for 25+ years, in a variety of positions, serving children and adults with a variety of labels. Institutions and group homes are not the answer, even under the best of circumstances. They are real-life Zimbardo studies without end."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I worked at a residential treatment facility for children for four years in in Texas and this place is ridiculous. Shut them down."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "Speaking from personal experience as an enlisted member of the US navy and as a program survivor from 1997-1999, this woman is right on about these being just like POW camps!"

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "These are extreme human rights violations and the offenders should be tried with Crimes Against Humanity. These violations of moral decency are beyond reproach!

      The cowardly "men" guilty of this mass child abuse operation lack all decent moral conviction and thus deserve every ounce of wrath the courts can muster against them."

      -Quintero, Eric Sgt / USMC

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "As an employee working in residential treatment I understand the challenges. However, children entrusted in our care deserve dignity and respect we would give our own kids. Keep the standard high."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "As a social worker who works with children who often have cognitive and emotional difficulties I find that this is certainly not a therapeutic environment for a youth in need of help.
      Gregory Sacca, MSW, LCSW"

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "As a special educator I know there are better ways to teach children. NO CHILD should be hurt emotionally in the name of education, EVER."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I'm actually working on a documentary about the troubled teen industry, and shit like this makes me sick. These centers are almost totally unregulated, and abuse runs rampant. And I'm gonna sign damn near anything that advocates redress of these hellholes."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "Really shocked to learn of these practices, and of the involvement of a major public school district in them... 'Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants...' I hope this Petition brings attention to the methods of LRA and similar institutions, so the public can decide if they should be allowed to continue."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "Children learn behavior from adults. Adults... empower youth so they take full responsibility for their behavior. I wrote a book on this topic."

    Logan River Academy Survivors:

    • 1.0Logan River Academy

      Subject: Re: First Hand Survivor of LRA
      I was admitted in to LRA on July 3rd 2012 and discharged on August 27th 2013. I am now in a boarding school. I was not court ordered but my parents hired transporters to remove me from my home by force. The transporters treated me well and drove me all the way from Houston, Texas to Logan, Utah. Upon entering LRA I was strip searched down to my boxers, and I was then ordered to use my fingers to outstretch all the waist band of my boxers outward to ensure there weren't any hidden contraband items. A staff named Darby Golden was extremely physically abusive when it came to PI's and would throw fists and slam kids heads onto the wooden floors, often causing blood and scarring. Please do not use my name if investigating this (Darby Golden quit soon before I discharged). I got along with a staff named Chandler Olsen, he was one of the few staff who actually cared about the well being of his students. Staff like Andrew Burris had zero regard for our well being and were emotionally abusive to the students they didn't like. I graduated the program by achieving the highest level..."

      "To do this I had to behave to LRA's expectations and achieve good feedback from my staff. This was difficult for many but easy for me because I understood how to trick the staff into believing my progress was legitimate. I did make legitimate progress towards sobriety (substance abuse was my reason for admission) however this progress did not affect my level progression, I had to act like I wanted to behave according to their standards. This was torturous at times because I was under constant judgement 24/7 and one mistake can set back a kid's ability to progress in the levels. Students had zero emotional safety at this school because the vast majority of staff did not care for the kids, and were aggressive if the kids did not behave as demanded. I was never neglected for food or water however bathroom breaks in devo are limited and any more than 1 break for the bathroom every couple of hours was not tolerated. I was not diagnosed with any disorder from this program. My relationship with my parents is now very good but this is due to my own growth and had nothing to do with the program. This program did not help me. Me being sober helped me. I hated this program, and I believe almost nobody can benefit from it. I have seen kids cry because of the staff's lack of regard for their emotions and they only get treated more poorly for showing such emotional instability and as a result stay in the program for longer periods of time. Feel free to prompt me with more specific questions.

      Also from Max R:
      "I was in Logan River Academy for 14 months. The program itself is run horribly. The staff are mostly college students who are paid next to minimum wage with zero experience in this area. The system called, "Devo" is one in which any student who partakes in infract-able behaviour is sent to a small room where he is aggressively ordered to sit up straight with out looking or communicating with other students. We were punished if our feet were visible outside the boundaries of the desk itself and the consequence for this was more torturous hours of Devo time. If anyone did anything that suggested running from the program, vaguely referenced suicide, or vaguely referenced violence, they would be sent to Devo on precaution for up to 30 days at a time. This would be 24/7. Sleeping, showering, and eating would even take place in devo. The student would literally never leave this one room for a month other than walking a few feet to the bathroom (which staff must watch them do if they are on precaution). Their clothes would be confiscated as well as their shoes, and in return flip flops and rugged, used sweats would be given to the student. I have witnessed what is called, PI's. A PI stand for Physical Incident or Physical Intervention and is an excuse for irritable staff to physically bully students who they don't like. They would yell, "DIAL 9" over the radio and restrain student's with other staff member. It was over the top excessive. I'll be happy to write more if desired."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy

      "Also I want to call this place out for something horrible they did right before I was released. I will respectfully leave out all names. Around July of 2007 a 17 year old girl who had previously been released was readmitted. Apparently before she was readmitted she started talking to one of the staff members on myspace. They talked for months and when she was readmitted they decided to have sexual relations. I don't like to get in other people business, but the response from LRA was so disgusting I have to share it. Soon after it happened everyone at LRA found out. I guess the therapist and staff members wanted to keep it on the hush because we were told if we talked about it we would receive class IV for program corruption. It was terrible we couldn’t even tell our parents. The most appalling part of this whole ordeal though, was how they dealt with the staff member. Instead of firing him and risking the story leaking, they allowed him to continue working there under the promise that he wouldn't go on the girls floors. Not only is that really messed up, but it proves that they really don't care about anything, but their own asses."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I was put on "devo" for over 6 months and i wasn’t able to talk to anyone. I claim that was not legal but they keep telling me that as long as I eat and shower all was legal I was on depression and no one did anything to help me I cried all day long day and night I hated it I could talk to my parents and if I did they said it was bull shit just to manipulate them to get me out of there, they just put me on some meds devo was HELL !!!! just a little white room more than 6 months while my parents paid thousands and i couldn't do ANYTHING or they would RESTRAIN me the worst experience ever the saddest worthless meaningless I don’t wish anyone go through that I even developed a panic disorder in devo."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I went to this so called school/jail and I was put in a solitary confinement a.k.a development for over 3 months at a time. I'm now free from this school and feel amazing but I don't think any person in the world deserves to go that place. STOP LRA NOW!!!"

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I was a LRA from Oct 2011 to April 2013. I was emotionally traumatized. Let it be noted that the females at this facility suffer a different kind of shame and abuse. We were always given harsher punishments, had to abide by different and more limiting rules, and were never allowed to have conversations without staff present. I spent at least half of my time in DEVO."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy

      "LRA is an awful place.. I'll do whatever I can to save Michael from the bs and mental and physical torment that he's in for.. "

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I was a student there. The things that I witnessed were damn near from a horror scene at times. The staff members (BYU students) would pick out autistic students and physically and psychologically fuck with them to the point where they would be in tears crying. I spent 7 months of my time in devo for trying to run from this pitiful excuse of a treatment facility."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I was a victim of this program. I was mentally tortured and still have a scar that will never go away."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I've been there. It's awful. Over 10 years ago. 2002"

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "This program and place is a horrible excuse to destroy any chance of working on whatever you need to. I saw kids getting abused, injected, and neglected at this horrible place. worst year of my life."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "Oh cool wish I had family that cared as much as you do. Any ? Ask me spent like 2 years in DEVO and 1 out
      I was there 9/2/07-10/31/09"

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I endured the abuses of this facility for 18 months the first time and 2 months the second time. Please save our youth who are trapped in this ugly system from long-term damage."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I was sent to Logan River as a teenager and have never gotten over what was done to me. I'm so happy that others are trying to end this interment camp."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I went here for 9 months of my childhood in 2008 i will never forget the horible things they did to me and all my peers at the time shut them down"

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I've attended LRA for 361 days back around 2002-03, fully against their abuse and hope they are taken down and parents learn to deal with their kids instead of robbing them of their youth and institutionalizing them. Thank you for giving us a voice."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "Well I was sent by my IEP, which meant my stay at Logan River Academy was funded by them, the transportation was arranged by them, and they determined how long I was enrolled at LRA. Officially on paper, I had an IEP for diagnosed depression. My psychiatrist at the time was the one who recommended getting an IEP so schools would accommodate to my needs and make it easier for me to attend school, because he found the depression to be debilitating. And it was, I struggled with everyday life things, even attending class was extremely stressful for me. Although I think he was trying to help, I didn't know know that having an IEP would eventually allow them to send me to Logan River Academy. Yes, escort services are common for kids being sent to residential treatment facilities. I was woken up at about four in the morning with two strangers in my room. A female and a large male. Escort agencies purposely hire physically intimating males to scare the kids into compliance. They didn't tell me where I was going, just that I was going to Utah. I was only allowed to change. Maybe it was because I was exhausted, or maybe it was because I understood I didn't have a choice, but I didn't resist..."

      "I didn't speak on the way to the airport, just cried quietly. They mostly acted like I didn't exist, gossiping and laughing with each other about past kids they escorted. When I arrived at Logan River I wasn't told why or where I was, just taken into a room to do the entrance exam. The entrance exam was essentially a list of all the rules that existed there, a test on them, and some papers you had to sign. You couldn't leave until you finished it, they could and would hold kids in that room indefinitely until you agreed and completed the paper work. Once I collected myself, I finished the test and they strip searched me. At this point I still didn't really know what was happening and for the first week during school hours I was only allowed to sit in a library. My entire eleven month stay I wasn't ever directly told why I was there, but I assume the reasons were a mix of truancy, and not functioning due to my depression. My mother agreed to send me there, but my father was never at any point informed of where I was. Worst things that happened to me there? I would say experiencing what happened to my friends, and living through that with them, all while not being able to do anything about it. I was lucky when it came to my stay, I didn't fight the program as much as the other kids did and managed to stay under the radar most of the time. If I had to talk about my own personal worst experiences at LRA, I would feel stupid comparing mine to the majority of others that attended. But for the purpose of answering that question, thinking back my answers would be for the most part, expected. Being verbally abused by some of the staff was hard to accept. Name calling, yelling, and insults were at times, common. At one point during my stay, I was left in the woods on a mountain with another girl. We were lost because our staff needed medical attention and left us there. The bad experience was not necessarily the event, but how they dealt with it. There was no search party, they didn't even bother to inform my mother. The girl with me was sick, and we didn't have water. Once several girls and myself were put on SOF, (statement of facts) which was their form of interrogation for some specific event. They thought someone had stolen money and wanted to know who. You can stay on SOF for weeks, and would until they got what they wanted. You can't leave the room other than to go to the restroom when they allow it. They would keep you from going to school for as long as they wanted, you couldn't communicate with anyone other than the staff interrogating you. A friend of mine was given a sleep medication and then put on SOF, where they wouldn't allow her to go to bed until they were done, because she couldn't go to sleep after the medication was given, she began to hallucinate. Anyways, this specific time a handful of girls and myself were put on SOF because of missing money it later turned out that the staff who reported the stolen money had simply counted the money incorrectly. Girls were kept from school and limited to sitting in a desk because of this incompetence, but mistakes like this were not rare because to them you were just a delinquent, so you were automatically guilty. The reality was that this wasn't the case for the girls that attended with me. The oldest girls were 17, and the youngest 13. Several were there for drug addictions, some eating disorders, others had never broken the law in their life. However I remember two girls that were sent there because they didn't live by all the Mormon principles according to their parents. About 98% of the staff employed at LRA were LDS members. At one point we were told we were not to discuss religion or politics. One of the most disturbing things I would witness quite often were what they called "PI's". This was supposed to be a physical restraint performed by staff members on dangerous kids, but it never was this simple. I won't ever forget a young boy named nick. He was severely autistic and refused to get in line structure (line up, shut up, face forward) so a staff called for a PI. The boy was no more than 90 pounds, he was quite small. But the staff, who must of been 230 pounds and at least six feet was not restraining him. No, it was more like a mad man beating up a small kid. Which it was. Nick was thrown against a wall, his face was smashed against the floor, and he was dragged on the carpet. The aftermath was horrifying. When he showed up to school the next day his face was so swollen he had trouble opening one eye, and the majority of his face was just raw rug burns. I don't know if he received any sort of medical treatment. I remember thinking to myself when I first saw him that he'd probably have to live with the mental and physical scars for the rest of his life. PI's could be done on kids who were swearing, yelling, or being excessively defiant. You could be tackled by a man two times the size of you, running at full speed. That was okay there. A male staff infamous around the school for being excessively violent was Darby Golden, a large college football player, who almost seemed to enjoy that part of his job. PI's were one of the things that got to me the most in the program. I didn't understand how adults could morally and legally do that to kids they were in charge of protecting. The female program was different from the boys program, in that it had a alternate set of rules, and females experienced a level of degradation and mortification separate from the boys. We were more severally punished, and instilled to be ashamed of our bodies and fear anything that remotely represented sexuality. I am disgusted at the demeaning methods Logan River Academy employed to punish girls for suffering with eating disorders. Instead of receiving therapy to target the eating disorder, the girls would be forced to wear a uniform of used sweats - the same tactic used by detention facilities to dehumanize individuals as shown in Zimbardo's experiment - and were watched while showering and using the restroom. They were not treated like girls that needed love and counseling, no, they were treated like criminals. Girls that were known for acting on their eating disorders received devo points, which was detention where you weren't allowed to convey any form of communication (this included coughing), forced to sit a certain way, and you were even told where to look. For the girls, you only had to lose weight to be accused of an eating disorder by staff. Devo started when you got out of school and didn't end until you went to bed. You could be there for weeks on end. We were put in devo for the smallest things, forgetting to turn off a light, closing the wrong door, giving your friend a packet of salt at dinner, leaving something out, you were expected to be this perfect individual that never made the slightest of mistakes. It was mentally exhausting trying to follow all their small, bizarre rules. I was constantly fearful that an unintentional non malicious act would get me harshly punished. There was one girl who I remember very clearly because I felt horrible for her. She was put on precaution and isolation, where she sat devo all day in a secluded room in a wing that wasn't being used to house students anymore. She never attended school, just sat in that room, with no communication for weeks. After a long time in there, I brought her some food once, and I can still see the image of her on the floor, eyes glazed over, open but not looking anywhere. There wasn't anything behind those eyes, it was like she just wasn't there. I later found out that she refused to sit devo anymore, and would just lay on the floor in that room the size of a coat closet. All day. No one would show her an ounce of humanity or mercy. Eventually she was dropped or pulled from the program. None of the students really actually knew what happened, there were rumors that she was sent to a different program, but she basically just disappeared. I hope that shes at a better place than Logan River and the way it treated her, wherever that may be. Most of the students that I knew had suffered some form of emotional or physical abuse in their lives prior to attending LRA, which they survived and escaped only to end up in the middle of it again at Logan River Academy. The irony in that is unjust. Logan River Academy was supposed to help us, and it only made us more broken.

      Some possible rights violations that I experienced were: The opening of our personal mail, every time we received any. Being forced to work. Not allowed any contact with your parents until you made the appropriate level, and even then they had to contact you at an allowed set time. I was never at any point informed of my rights. Searches were performed on our rooms and property whenever staff desired. We were censored constantly, and never remotely experienced any form of freedom of speech. Our conversations were always monitored. Not allowing kids to go to school in order to serve a punishment. Forcing a child to strip."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I went to this place, I know this kid and he does not belong in there."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "Because I completely agree with everything that they are trying to prove and exploit here and would be willing to do anything to help someone else that has to endure the suffering that they cause."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "LRA may be helpful for some but when I was there, all I needed and wanted was to come home. Be parents and deal with your child, don't just ship him off for strangers to raise him!!"

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "I am a survivor of Logan River Academy, as well as a former patient of Katie Behm. This video really hit close to home and brought things to light that I buried so long ago. I've had a plethora of issues since leaving there, and have always felt ashamed of who I am since Logan River Academy. Thankfully I was able to work through my problems on my own, with no "help" from the "tools" they give you there. Not all of the staff were bad people, though many were not good people. I myself was not allowed to speak with anybody for three weeks, aside from asking a staff supervisor basic needs questions and therapy..."

    • 1.0Logan River Academy


      "Life long friend went to this hell hole."

    Parents & Survivors of Other Similar Programs:

    • Pamela Spivey Knoxville, TN 2013-10-06

      "My son died as a result of one of these programs. I would hate to see that happen again."

    • Kieran Mitchell Wodonga, Australia 2013-10-31

      "Because it happened to my 9 yr old son in a MH facility where he was restrained and resulted in physical, emotional and psychological injury."

    • Regine Bemesderfer Philo, CA 2013-11-30

      "I think this petition should include all of these facilities in Utah. I was dragged in kicking and screaming after travelling from California handcuffed, shackled, bleeding from my head from the manner I was taken and in my underwear in the back of a buick to Cross Creek Manor in LaVerkin, Utah. They are all the same. I was also forced to undertake a surgery that I didn't want and that causes complications for me even now."

    • Daniel Maurer Roselle, IL 2013-11-06

      "I attended Midwest Academy as a kid and I saw others in ;Out of School Suspension' (solitary confinement) and experienced it myself... it is degrading and inhumane the things that happen there and what it incites children to do. Also, I've had a sore on my posterior for the last six years that started the day I was in there."

    • Erica Kassner Seattle, WA 2013-11-13

      "A friend of mine was sent to a similar "boarding school" as a teenager. No human being should be subjected to the type of torture, abuse, and negligence that these kids are subjected to. Shut them all down and press charges against the individuals touting these techniques as 'reformatory.'"

    • Andrew Guest Mashpee, MA 2013-10-24

      "A child doesn’t need to be imprisoned to for lashing out or having ADD and other problem a child needs treatment as well as support of loving parents. sending away a child into conditions such as this most likely will have even greater consequences."

    • Cole Joyner Clayton, NC 2013-11-13

      "I was in a treatment program before and I know how kids in that position feel. Its wrong. It messed me up. I don't want other kids to feel the same."
    • Tory Ellarson Madison, WI

      "I spent time in a facility using these methods as a child, after getting out I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder stemming from the treatment I received there. I have had to suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, constant nightmares, and other problems stemming from PTSD for over a decade now since being released from the facility on my 18th birthday.
      These problems are very very common among people who have been in this type of program.
      I have had several other friends who have been in the same type of program and later killed themselves as they were unable to deal with the memories and psychological problems they had developed as a result of being there.
      I don't want to see this happen to another child."

    • Becky Minck Raleigh, NC

      "When I was 16, I was sent away to a place that claimed it was a treatment center, but instead was an extremely psychologically, physically, and emotionally abusive cult at best. These places are all the same, and real psychology does NOT condone these practices, and has even done tons of research over time that the tactics used at these places are extremely harmful, abusive, and cause permanent issues such as PTSD. It destroys families and the children sent there, I have seen it first-hand. It breaks my heart to see another family conned into sending their kid away, and I am appalled that the parents are ignoring the red flags. Utah is the WORST places out of the troubled teen industry for several reason, one being that being that negligent homicide is a MISDEMEANOUR. This means that the number of children who have died in these places are absolutely insane in Utah, and NOBODY gets in troubled and rarely do any of the perpetrators get jail time. All these places are money making scams, and use extreme forms of punishment to try and keep the kids in line. Fear and guilt tactics are highly common. These parents need to WAKE UP. This boy is already obviously damaged due to his attempt to escape. He needs REAL help NOW. I suffered for eighteen long months with no one to help please, make a difference in at least one kids life."

    • Krystle Augustine West Valley City, UT 2013-10-31

      "I was subjected to serious abuse from my adoptive parents, and then was put in a facility like this one for over three years. I suffered many indignities and both physical and especially emotional abuse while there. Now as an adult and a parent many years later, I still suffer from PTSD, crippling anxiety, and flashbacks. I have been in therapy for a long time and I am still haunted by my time there. Teenagers that may seem "out of control" are still humans and have the unalienable right to be treated with dignity and maintain human rights. Many parents are lied to about conditions and children are not believed. I will make it my mission to help those like me that have been lost in the system and denied basic care and protection from so called 'teen help' industries."

    • Chelsea Filer San Diego, CA

      "I myself experienced this same type of torture as a child held in a behaviour modification program. I call it torture because that is exactly what it is. It is NOT treatment, it is NOT meant to help the child, it is a mode to break and control the child and it is significantly traumatic. While this detention is being administered, be aware that the child is being refused access to school, proper exercise and socialization. Long periods of this torment can cause long term psychological effects and stunted emotional growth. At an age when children are so impressionable these kinds of 'treatments' can leave lifelong psychological scars and cause significant resentment toward the adults that allowed this to continue. Terri and Daniel [name redacted,] it is your duty as this boy's parents to act within his best interest. Pull him now and PRAY that it isn't too late for him to forgive you."

    • Kim Crawford Tyler, TX 2013-11-13

      "I have a family member who was placed in a facility that used these tactics and unfortunately much worse. His entire life was destroyed."

    • Christian Boyce, Bolton, United Kingdom 2013-11-23

      "I was put into solitary confinement at school and it f***ed me up for life."

    • Jessica Traynor, Fargo, North Dakota 2013-11-24

      "In my son's case they called it "hand over hand guidance," and "active ignoring." You do not assault the five senses that are already heightened, when you are working with Autistic or artistic children you need learn to adapt. This is not an illness in our children its a sickness in our adult society. You should never hurt my child. Do not call it something it isnt. Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law. This is 2013 we can create viagra but not have intelligent means of adaptation. Sick."

    • Max Rubin Pacific Palisades, CA 2013-11-13

      "I went to a similar boarding school Discovery Academy, and suffered similar treatment, the time to stop is now."

    • Melissa Freadhoff Stratford, NJ 2013-11-01

      "I was abused in a treatment facility as a teenager. I'll never be the same."

    • Mandy Carlisle Cincinnati OH 2013-10-30

      "I was also subjected to this kind of treatment back in 1986 and 1987 in Straight Inc. I am 42 now and have many PTSD problems due to this kind of tactic to get kids to do what is not necessary for treatment but to break them of there will."

    • Aidan Pomper South Orange, NJ

      "I spent 8 weeks at a similar residential treatment program in Virginia called Carlbrook with similar laws around these abusive programs in something called "out of school suspension" aka "devo" at a similar school with no oversight in Virginia for similar minimal infraction reasons and 2 weeks "in school suspension" and have suffered immensely psychologically because of it since and had a rebellious phase as a reaction to my treatment where I became depressed anxious and more recently even suicidal due to the drug use I incurred to cope with such symptoms and am finally sober but in tremendous legal trouble. My life is hell like at times and it's not just the punishment itself that is bad it's how you figure out how to explain where you've been for the last two years by the time you see them again or how you don't because you're so traumatized by the mental prison that is residential treatment (especially unregulated and abrasive ones like these) and the fact that while other kids were experimenting w drugs for fun when you were in there you were not and are so tempted to when you get out because you want to do anything possible to feel better about the past and your future life that makes it so hard to be in these programs and miss out on key developmental periods of adolescence that are shaped around trauma rather than normal teenage behaviour. No human being should have the joy ripped from there life because of mistakes they make as a an early teen like I did which were behavioural not drug related and could have been healed when instead they feel like permanent scars."

    • Mark Romberg, Houston, TX 2013-11-11

      "I was sent to a program like this when I was 13 and it scarred me for life. Twelve years later, my mind still doesn't work right."

    • Chase Ripoll The Woodlands, TX 2013-10-30

      "While I was in MWA between November 2005- Oct 2006... My son was born in March... I was told I had no rights and wasn't allowed a phone call let alone visitation... It was seven months before I got to see my son for the first time... I spent two weeks in "intervention" because I didn't want to participate in their BS..."

    • Rich Moroski Iselin, NJ 2013-10-30

      "I was in Straight Inc. for almost two years. Straight inc. is the Grandaddy of ALL the Children's Behavior Modification Programs. It pains me GREATLY to see children in today's times being subjected to the same torture that we endured 30 plus years ago. Coercive thought control is insidious and personally the most destructive set of events that ever happened to me. I warn the parents of today that your decision will send out ripples that will effect your family for generations. abuse continues...

      'Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of it's victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busy-bodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.'
      -- C.S. Lewis."

    • Cara Drohan Westminster, CA 2013-11-05

      "This is not the way, or is it a healthy way to discipline children. I, too, attended a 'live-in school,' and I use the term loosely, that disciplined in ways I disagreed with fervently. There must be trained professionals to deal with children in places such as this, IMHO, that can actually teach, and help instil good self disciplining behavior, rather than mind numbing, hate/anger breeding & useless cruelty such as I see listed in this petition. Please help find these children, and families the professional help they so apparently & desperately need. Thank you."

    • Dan Foley Santa Cruz, CA 2013-11-15

      "I've been in programs that used tactics like these, and there's no question that they're counterproductive. You're setting those kids' lives back indefinitely, and there's a good chance that one or more of your residents will eventually commit suicide if that hasn't happened already."

    • Alan Wasserman Baldwin, NY

      "As a green chimneys school survivor I can tell you that these types of institutions serve no other purpose then to warehouse unwanted children, they are abuse mills that do not benefit society in any way and belong to the 19th century! close them all down , bring the children home and teach them decent vocational skills that will allow them to become productive citizens and give them a sense of pride , self respect and responsibility."

    • James Robinson Memphis, TN

      "I spent a year of my teenage years in a similar 'treatment facility' where we were forced to lay on our face while having our limbs twisted into extremely painful positions for similar minor infractions. Doing this to your child will not make them better, it only creates further problems that last into adulthood. Save your money and talk to your child, and more importantly listen. I am 30 years old and still dealing with the aftermath of Tranquillity Bay. Check into WWASP and related programs based on offshoot LDS ideologies. You will see the nightmares and suicides it has caused for many."

    • Tom Oravec Rocky River, OH

      "I spent two years in a place like this. It was a scam perpetrated on my vulnerable parents. Please get your child and bring him back home and deal with your problems there."

    • Lori England Tampa, FL

      "I had a young family member terribly traumatized and permanently disabled by a so called 'academy.' Most of the facilities operate under false pretences and do not have the credentials to operate as 'treatment' facilities. Please do not allow another child to become a victim."

    • Sherry Robertson Macon, MO

      "I have a family member that was in a similar facility and he was mistreated there."

    • Laurel Wright - Grandmother of 2002 survivor of another program, Boca Raton, FL

      "Please re-consider the choice you have made, please do the right thing and please research and evaluate the experience that others who have attended such places. Leaving Michael at this place might prove to be the biggest mistake you'll ever make. I am praying for Michael."

    • Daniel Artman Austin, TX 2013-11-13

      "I suffered abuse as a teen in a similar facility."

    • Aria Naasunguaq Qinngorput, Greenland

      "Because I was in the same situation."

    • Michael Rock New York, NY

      "I've known former students in these kinds of programs, and have heard the horror stories about them."

    • Justin Barger Canfield, OH 2013-11-03

      "I have friends that went through similar shit."


    • Danny O'Moore Adelaide, Australia 2013-11-04

      "This is not treatment it's abuse & should be regarded as a criminal act! These so called treatments are implemented because they have no idea of what to do... a head in the sand treatment with the erroneous thinking that if you punish the child will learn... MADNESS!"

    • Matthew Kelley Dorchester, MA 2013-11-11

      "Does Pennhurst State sound familiar?"

    • Micki Hobbs Ravenna OH 2013-11-04

      "There are reputable child care facilities with a constructive success rate. This is not type of treatment is not necessary and it is a crime."

    • Nathan Jarrell Livermore CA 2013-11-26

      "My statue of limitations is over, but yours may not be. Please, please, please, TAKE ACTION AGAINST THESE PEOPLE. If you were abused, SPEAK OUT! Scream your experience for the entire world to hear, I will corroborate it!

      I was a detainee of Island View Residential Treatment Center for the duration of 2007. I will never fully be OK, but I can make sure nobody else has to live through what I did."

    • Christine McLanchan Salford, United Kingdom 2013-11-03

      "Having had 2 children with ADHD I had this argument time and time again, unfortunately things do not seem to have moved on as my children are in their thirties and it sounds as if it is still school practice."

    • Jonathan Straubel Harleysville, PA 2013-10-22

      "These people are not psychologists and they're damaging kids, including a brother of a friend of mine."

    • Mark Janes Guerneville, CA 2013-11-05

      "Solitary confinement has been shown to be a form of torture, especially when inflicted on a mind that's still developing. This 'camp' is practicing cruelty and should be closed and sold off, and its owners should be stripped of ALL money and sent to prison for child cruelty; the proceeds from the sale of the camp should be divided up among its victims."

    • Mark Wheeler Singapore 2013-11-22

      "I have a child with mild autism which causes some behavioural problems. I would die rather than see him subjected to such barbarous forms of "education." Places like this should be closed down and the charlatans who run them jailed."

    • Leslie Gray Plymouth, MA 2013-11-04

      "Isolation is not good for anyone, Especially those who have mental imbalance."

    • Susan Miller Marco De Canaveses 2013-10-30

      "This is barbaric and so out of date !! Cruelty of this kind should NOT be tolerated!"

    • Angela Smith Seattle, WA 2013-10-30

      "Logan River Academy should be closed. It is a disgrace that Robert Crist and his coalition of frauds and abusers continue to operate youth torture facilities."

    • Lilly Whitton Beverly Hills, U.S. 2013-11-02

      "Stop using solitary confinement a.k.a. "Precaution," and "Development," on kids. This is a human rights issue."

    • Laura Ferguson Carmel, NY

      "Solitary confinement is a act of torture it must end now. How any adult can confine a child in this way is unconscionable.... Barbaric."

    • Genie Robinson Brackettville, TX 2013-11-03

      "I can't believe this sort of institution is in operation in this day and age in the U.S.A. This is the sort of horror story you read about in our history books. This place belongs in our history, not in our present and future. Please help make the "Development" and "Precaution" practices used in this horrific place history.

      How this place even came to be with their lack of accreditation is beyond my understanding."

    • Leslie Gaines Philadelphia, PA 2013-11-03

      "This is psychological torture and in no way helping the kids or the society they will return to!"

    • Claire Noyes Elkins Park, PA 2013-11-03

      "Kids with challenging behaviours need help, not isolation and warehousing."
    • Millie Smith Huntington, WV 2013-11-02

      "No child should have to suffer such as this how would you like it?"

    • Cathy Ford Merritt Island, FL 2013-11-02

      "I think children are to be loved and nurtured not drugged and abused."

    • Daniel Wilson Lincoln, NE 2013-11-09

      "I am not a psychologist, but I have read about many cases that consider solitary confinement as harmful to one's health. No matter what alleged crime a person has committed, I don't believe that they should be in solitary confinement. It sounds counterintuitive, but human touch and love is what even the most violent people need. This is even more true with kids. I had the environment in my childhood that typically breeds horrible people. However, my mother hugged me and I was hardly ever alone."

    • N. King Rockwall, TX 2013-11-03

      "Unbelievable! How dare humans do this to kids?! The judgement day is coming..."
    • Michael Deventer Rorgers, AR 2013-11-03

      "We need programs that help young people and not cause them further damage. It appears your facility is not helping and in fact is making the situation worse."

    • Marty Gottesfeld Somerville, NY

      "Child abuse masquerading as science should scare everyone...
      This problem is not limited to Michael or LRA:"

    • John Baron Savannah, GA 2013-10-24

      "Family member of a good friend."

    • Krystal Veverka West Palm Beach, FL 2013-11-04

      "These schools are underregulated and need better oversight- they need qualified staff and transparency within the walls".

    • Lorne Peterson Airdrie, Alberta, Canada 2013-11-04

      "I have always fought, especially, child abuse on helpless children by abusive, aggressive and animalistic adults who don't care for helpless children who have no protection against authorities in all branches of abusive governments. Instead of government getting tough on crime, people have to get tough on government."

    • MeLanie Box Troutdale, OR 2013-11-02

      "My sons are autistic, I would never allow Anyone to harm them."

    • Jacob Persico Central Falls, RI 2013-11-08

      "It's not right for programs like this to treat people like this."

    • Susan Berard Port Charlotte FL 2013-11-07

      "Because as a student majoring in Special Education, we all must be involved in advocating for the rights of students!"

    • Debby Rabold Effort, PA 2013-11-07

      "The methods used at Logan River Academy are abusive. The administration & staff should be criminally charged."

    • Laurie Sweet Indianapolis, IN 2013-11-02

      "I'm against child abuse, especially special needs. My kids have special needs and I would never stand for anyone abusing them."

    • Janie MacDonald Jamaica Plain, MA 2013-10-23

      "It's cruel and unbelievable people think this is ok . Not cool."

    • Judy Bourff Rusiaville, IN 2013-10-14

      "Taking an at-risk youth and going this stuff to them is an excellent way to make his problems much worse."

    • Debra Richman Aurora, CO

      "No human should be treated this way."

    • Andrew Guest Mashpee, MA

      "A child doesn't need to be imprisoned to for lashing out or having ADD and other problem a child needs treatment as well as support of loving parents. sending away a child into conditions such as this most likely will have even greater consequences."

    • Jodi Hobbs Anaheim, CA

      "No Child should have their rights taken away. Someone needs to stand up for the children and make sure that those who are in charge of these facilities are held accountable for their actions and the protection of these children, emotionally as well physically."

    • Megan Kropilak Mineral Springs, NC

      "Children must be taught and disciplined by their parents and helped by real doctors, not modernized torturers. What is next if we allow this to continue? Reverting to the old, barbaric method of lobotomising a person because they cannot conform to "proper societal standards"? Let these children go home to their parents and REAL doctors who know what they are doing and close these so-called schools."

    • Kim Holt Freeport, FL 2013-11-01

      "Isolation is not the way to solve anything"

    • Lance Haworth Manchester, United Kingdom 2013-11-06

      "This is state funded child abuse, not discipline or reform."

    • David White Stuttgart, AR 2013-11-01

      "There are far too many abuse cases in this world they don't deserve to be treated this way and so we who sign here say NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    • Tracey Clarke Norwich, United Kingdom 2013-11-06

      "These children are vulnerable and need support and understanding, the LRA are disguisting in their behaviour and treatment of these children."

    • Gary Henderson Apache Junction, AZ 2013-11-05

      "This is nothing but torture! And to inflict it on kids is inexcusable!!"

    • Samuel Pond Logan, UT 2013-11-11

      "This is important to me because I don't believe in abusing teens who need help. It is disgusting that a program would capitalize by pretending to be an organization that 'helps struggling teens.' If felonies aren't handed out to the directors and program developers like peppermints at a doctors office I will be very dissapointed in our legal system."

    • Dawna Sisco Anderson, SC 2013-11-06

      "Torture and abuse should never be legal, never be permitted. It should be stopped quickly."

    • Lori Kaiser Windsor, Canada 2013-11-05

      "It's important because I am a caring adult who recognizes something very, very wrong and abhorrent when I read about it."

    • Roger Bradley Pocatello ID 2013-11-13

      "Because this kind of abuse is perpetrated more than people realize and it's certainly not the first time in Utah."

    • Nayo Satterlee Seattle, WA 2013-11-13

      "This place is a nightmare of epic proportions. Shut it down if you care about your kids."
    • Christine Johnson Jensen Beach, FL 2013-10-30

      "This needs to stop!!!!!!!"

    • Yvonne Aburrow Bath, United Kingdom 2013-11-06

      "No human being should ever be treated this way. What happened to the UN Convention on Human Rights?"

    • Alejo Gonzalez Columbia, MO 2013-11-11

      "The treatment they are giving these people is unjust and a crime to humanity, people need to start taking stands towards these things before they become normal."

    • George Pradhan Dublin, CA

      "I believe in human dignity."

    • Jason Dye Chicago, IL 2013-11-06

      "Students with disabilities are human."

    • Regina Evans Pontyberem, United Kingdom 2013-11-05

      "Because this is in breach of basic human rights and dignity."

    • Ryan Lashbrook Anderson, IN 2013-11-05

      "Recently discovering that I have an Asperger's mind, I now realize that I was emotionally abused quite often, even if not always intentionally."

    • Lorrie Zemanek Pella, IA

      "One of my boys' friend is in a similar situation"

    • Timothy Connor San Francisco, CA

      "Very short, I had been raised with similar techniques but carried out by one of my parents for almost all my childhood. The result is that I constantly think I'm doing something wrong and that I'm not worth anything. It took 20 years to really get over this misconception."

    • Ken Bustin Auburn, ME

      "The tactics used by this institution are not only helpful to this young man's issues, they are not even correctly categorized as treatment. These tactics are irrationally punitive, and will do nothing more than produce a stronger and stronger resentment for authority and rules. The institution... and the people who sent him there... are clearly entirely incompetent in any parent/teacher/therapist context and should be kept as far away as possible from this young man and any others similarly situated."

    • Terry Dalton Fairport, NY

      "While I am not an expert in the field, it is blatantly obvious that this facility is engaging in inhumane treatment and disciplinary actions no child should be subjected to."

    • Chris Punches Bristol, TN

      "This can only be the result of corruption of reporting agencies who allow their doors to remain open. Why [aren't they] shutting that place down?"

    • Ahmed Habib Catonsville, MD

      "Sounds like cruel and unusual punishment for small kids stuff...besides the seclusion is going to have severe negative effects as well!"

    • Tim Lamb Henry, IL 2013-10-29

      "This is going on all over if no ones does anything we have only ourselves to blame."

    • Joshua Dallal Andover, MA

      "Cruel and unethical treatment of people of help is awful. i have A.D.D. too."

    • Mattie Burns Dumbarton, United Kingdom 2013-10-30

      "It is down right wrong."

    • Christa Kimbler Thealka, KY 2013-10-31

      "I believe all people should be treated humanely."